However, as with any medical equipment is Levitra Side effect

Most often when using Levitra men do not experience any inconvenience or undesirable phenomena. Sometimes the same Levitra side effects are so weak that also bring no discomfort. In addition, they soon enough their own place. In the appointment of the drug is necessary to take into account a personal response to a medicinal product, which also is the place to be in some cases.

To Levitra side actions can be attributed occasional headaches, deterioration of visual perception, the coordination of movements, lethargy, muscle tension. Also in the treatment of this medicine are possible violations of the digestive organs, such as the urge to vomit, dyspeptic phenomenon, some of the changes in the development of liver biologically active substances.

In the treatment of Levitra may reddening cheeks, increased blood pressure, a violation of the work of the heart, ischemic manifestations, and the flow of blood from the nose. Perhaps the appearance is the nose and dyspnea. To allergic reactions to the drug can also be attributed and laryngeal edema, anaphylactic symptoms. Also, when using this medicine in a small number of men had been sighted individual manifestation of photosensitivity. Treatment of the drug may cause muscle pain, discomfort in the waist, increase the amount of creatine kinase. In rare cases, the use of this medication causes priapism. And the very small number of patients increased intraocular pressure and glaucoma.

In connection with the fact that Levitra is a drug of activity, the number of side effects is not large. This drug does not have a systemic impact.

Vardenafil, this is an effective and safe way to increase the potency. The drug does not cause addiction, ensuring the successful treatment of the most difficult cases of erectile dysfunction. The medication does not decline over time, which guarantees the effectiveness after the very first use. The simultaneous reception of alcohol does not affect the action of a preparation; it can be confirmed by examining the numerous Levitra reviews.

Sexual intercourse in the application of Levitra lasts up to 12 -14 hours. Levitra can be made by men suffering from diabetes.

Levitra it is recommended to take more than once a day.

In connection with the fact that sexual activity is directly connected with a certain degree of deterioration in the current heart disease, before you assign a treatment after the restoration of erectile function, it is necessary to assess the state of the cardiovascular system of the patient.

In the period of treatment you need to be especially careful in the process of driving vehicles and occupation of other potentially dangerous to you or others activities that require high concentration of attention and high speed of psychomotor reactions.

Levitra, of course, is effective preparation, which is helping many men to lead a normal sexual life. Buy this remedy can be on our website with the delivery.