The most common drug Levitra side effects are headache (dizziness), tides blood, the feeling of stuffiness, runny nose (nasal congestion) and disorder of the stomach, these side effects usually go away within a few hours after taking the drug.

In rare cases may arise erection too big duration, ringing in the ears or discoloration (inability to distinguish the blue color from green). Stop using Levitra and be sure to consult a medical professional if you have pronounced one or the other drug Levitra side effect or if you have not pass. Read the rest of this entry »

The main convenience of taking of Levitra is that it begins to exert its effect already after 15-25 minutes after ingestion. In addition, the product sufficiently long duration of the action – from 4 up to 12 hours. These and many other features allow a man to live a full sexual life.

The drug Levitra helps men feel more powerful and longer lasting orgasms, improving quality of his private life. Under the influence of the remedy increases the activity and even the duration of sexual intercourse. Read the rest of this entry »

However, as with any medical equipment is Levitra Side effect

Most often when using Levitra men do not experience any inconvenience or undesirable phenomena. Sometimes the same Levitra side effects are so weak that also bring no discomfort. In addition, they soon enough their own place. In the appointment of the drug is necessary to take into account a personal response to a medicinal product, which also is the place to be in some cases. Read the rest of this entry »

The action of Levitra is practically similar to the action of the popular drug Viagra, but in many cases Levitra is far more effective. According to the results of numerous clinical trials – Levitra proved its effectiveness as a remedy to maintain the potency, the prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction, which is confirmed by the positive Levitra Reviews.

Levitra, is a modern remedy for treatment of potency and sexual dysfunction

Levitra is oral remedy to maintain the potency in men and treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug can take a man of any age. However, numerous studies have shown that Levitra is more effective for men of Mature age, who want to cure erectile dysfunction. Read the rest of this entry »