1. – When intolerance or sensitivity to a substance Vardenafil should stop taking Levitra.
  2. – Apply Levitra with medications containing Nitrates and Nitrites (heart medications) is not recommended.
  3. – Levitra originally not intended for women and children up to 18 years of age.
  4. – For violations of the kidneys and liver of average and heavy degree take Levitra should not be. With minor deviations in the work of the liver and kidneys change the dosage is not required (with good endurance of Vardenafil substance the dosage may range from 5-20 mg / day, depending on the result of action Levitra).
  5. – With high blood pressure should take Levitra with caution (starting with the 5 mg, with good endurance can be increased to 20 mg).
  6. – Used with caution Levitra after recently suffered a stroke or myocardial infarction, as well as the strokes and coronary heart disease.
  7. – For stomach ulcers it is desirable to consult with your doctor to clarify the optimal dosage.

Levitra Side effects:

  • Of the most frequently encountered Levitra side effects headache, tides blood to a person, sometimes a headache, very seldom – dry mouth and nausea (in 10 percent of cases of use).

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