Levitra should be taken inside for half an hour or one hour prior to anticipated sexual contact. The dosage should be selected based on personal portability. The minimum dose, as a rule, appointed by the men after 65 years of age and is 5 mg per day. Recommended dosage is 10 mg/day. She (if necessary) can be expanded to a maximum of 20 mg/day. More often than not this dosage is relevant to people with diabetes or adenomectomy.

Levitra is drug for potency. Its function is to overcome the serious problems with erection. Based on a wealth of experience medicine in this sphere, scientists from Bayer have developed the drug, almost rid of shortcomings. This has become a highly effective means of Levitra.

The sources of the problems of sexual life of men cannot be transferred. This and stress at work, various diseases, the devastating impact of harmful substances, polluting the environment. In addition, one of our main enemies – time, after all the years we don’t become younger and stronger.

However, modern science has something to present to all these factors. Two of the leading pharmaceutical company, Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline Plc, joined their efforts to create a truly high-quality product which increases the potency, which could take a decision perhaps one of the main concerns of men, the results of their efforts was a drug Vardenafil, which in effects and was awarded the trade mark is Levitra. It is interesting, what is Levitra, according to some studies, gives a positive result, where the powerless even the «Viagra». Perhaps that is why most of the doctors are inclined to the choice of this drug as a Council for their patients.

It is important to remember that Levitra is not stimulates sexual stimulation, does not affect sperm motility, as well as on their ability to fertilize the egg.

Thanks to special research it became known that drug Levitra can fearlessly accept even the people, suffering from diabetes and diseases of the cardio-vascular system. In addition, it was found that Levitra will show the best results in the restoration of the erection in patients of age that you can check out having studied Levitra Reviews.

The action of Levitra is identical to the action of all the other drugs in this category. After taking the pill the blood begins to be more intensive flow to your penis, making way for a stable, young and healthy erection. The drug continues to operate for about 12 hours.

The time required for the tablet to the effect may be different in different men. In the course of research, the pills started to act within the hour. Men often report in Levitra feedback on the early work of this drug within 30 minutes. The duration can vary as well, but, as a rule, it is 4-5 hours.

Indications to use
It is recommended to take as a temporary means to overcome erectile dysfunction.
Levitra contraindications:

  1. • Joint nitrate therapy.
  2. •Anatomical deformation of the penis.
  3. • Rupture of the heart muscle or a stroke in the past.
  4. • Unstable angina.
  5. •Severe violations of the liver and kidneys.
  6. •Severe arterial hypertension and hypotension.
  7. • Children and adolescents up to 16 years.
  8. • Increased susceptibility to the drug.